Strategy for Identifying Babes

Identifying an Image

Look for keywords or key items within each image.

  • The source website of the image may be displayed directly on the image.
  • The girl may have a unique tattoo, jewelery or clothing item that can be entered into a search engine.
  • The keywords of the image in question (i.e. tan, brunette, implants, teen, college, pigtails, etc.) can be utilized in a search engine.

  • Using a reverse image search links the image directly to other places on the web with the exact same image.

  • On most modern browsers, simply right-clicking the image will provide an option to search your default search engine for the image. Otherwise, save the image and upload it to one of these two avenues:
  • Google Reverse Image Search - Click the image icon in the search bar and upload the image in question.
  • TinEye Reverse Image Search - Upload image or enter link in the available fields.

  • Identifying a Video

    Usually much easier to identify, if a user posts a link to streaming video of a babe, this link will likely contain valuable information relating to the source of the material.

  • Copy and paste the title of the video into a search engine - other websites may have the exact same video with comments from users that contain names or other valuable leads.
  • If a title or the source website is not given, enter keywords from the video into a search engine - similar to the process for identifying an image above.

  • Identifying Miscellaneous Information

    Users may also present links, text, or another miscellaneous communication tool that will have to be dealt with on a situation-by-situation basis. Our recommendation for identifying this material is to utilize the methods referenced above while creating your own unique technique.