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    BEFORE...I repeat, post any new ID requests, I need EVERYONE to go back on their previous posts and clear up ANY and ALL answered requests. We have many people who seem to think nothing about adding more to the pile, and they're neglecting their previous questions.

    If I have to, and I don't want to do this, I'm going to start deleting any new posts by anyone who has a large number of un-Accepted answers. Then, when these are cleared up, you may post new ones again.

    This may seem unfair to you, but it's also unfair to the people who have dedicated their time to search for these names for you. Please be considerate of your fellow community members, and let's work together. Thank you.
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    I always thought it would need a picture / message at the top....please clic on «««accept»»» when is identify (the green square)
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    I think some do not do it intentionally, since the answer button accepted is not very striking or goes unnoticed, for people who have just registered (I include myself). That happened to me when it was new
  • I posted the correct answer myself - but your system does not give me the option to "Accept" my own answer.

    What do I do in this case? Accept one of the other (incorrect) answers? That would not be helpful to others looking at this image.
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    I accepted the answer for you, but unfortunately you don't receive Karma points for answering your own requests. Thanks.
  • I get a message all the time stating that "I've asked questions that now have answers. Please accept/reject." I assume this related to topic at hand. I've checked my questions and the only ones I've not accepted either don't actually id or provide id's that don't seem correct upon follow up. I don't want to accept these answers and thus mark my post as identified when it isn't. I would reject there answer but I can't find an option to do so. I also try to thank anyone who has contributed. Am I missing something?

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