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    Just another reminder...

    This is first and foremost an identification site. It's in the header at the top of the page: "Premier Babe Identification Forum". This means if you need to know the name of a girl from a picture or video, and you cannot find the information yourself, we, as a community of like-minded individuals, will attempt to locate the name for you. To that end, if need be, we will provide a link to a site containing matching information which should verify the identification.

    However, nobody, in any way, is obligated to provide a link to a full video as verification. If they provide the link, that's fine, but we would appreciate if you would avoid asking for a full video in your initial request, especially if you already know who the person in the picture is.

    If you are given a name without a verifying link to information, I recommend Googling the name, and when you are satisfied with the answer, come back in, click "Accept", and move on to the next request.
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    If someone just gives a name with no link as an answer, it means either the person recognizes the person in the picture, or that searching Google or other source simply provided overwhelming evidence of an answer, and you should find the same answer with ease by searching for the name given.

    HOWEVER, we do ask that people giving answers still give a link to verify whenever humanly possible.

    Thank you.

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